Thermal Isulating Coatings

Abstract Painting has used 3 different types of Thermal Insulating Coatings. It has been used successfully on Heat Exchanger, Bag houses, Bean Conditioners, Tanks, Condensation Lines, HVAC, Conveyors, Personal Protection, Radiant Barrier Control, and among countless other types of Applications.

These products work not only to reduce Temperatures but also provide Energy cost Savings to our customers.

These products come in a easy to apply spray-on Application, and since they can be put directly to the substrate or a primed surface, they provide excellent Corrosion Protection as well.

Technical Data

The Spray applied Thermal insulating coatings are excellent for:

Boiler protection and heat retention – used to protect personnel and provide more energy efficiency for boilers.

HVAC – Used to control and eliminate condensation in plant areas, as well as substantially decreasing solar heat gain.

Diffusers – used for heat retention and substrate protection

Extruders – used to help insulate and protect molds in plastic applications.

Tanks – used to reduce thermal shck and increase control condensation. Also used for heat or cold retention.

Substrate protection and insulation – used in various industrial equipment to help insulate equipment against radiant heat gain.

Cold boxes – used to help insulate and reduce/eliminate condensation.

Heat retentiion – used to protect personnel and provide more energy efficiency.

Heat exchanger protecion – used for personnel protection.

Piping – used to insulate pipes and provide substrate protection. Personnel Protection – used to lower substrate temperatures within OSHA guidelines.

By using our products, additional benefits include:

* Saving total installation time when compared to conventional insulation methods. No cutting, tapping or special hangers. No special fabrications needed.

* Adheres to virtually any material and eliminates the potential for surface corrosion or Corrosion under Insulation (CUI).

* The coating is a non-combustible, no-flammable thermal insulation Class 1 (A) fire rated products. UL listed.

* Water based. one-part coating having no “pot life”.

* Can be applied to working substrates or areas without shutdown up to 400 degree F.

* Reduces or eliminates the possibility of condensation.

* Lightweight (5.0 pounds per gallon). Approx 0.07 lbs/sq .ft at 20 mils DFT (0.50mm).

* Can be easily “touched up” after minor structural repairs.

* Contains no harmful chlorides.

* Successive coats will increase insulating capabilities.

Recommended Substrates

* All metal surfaces- steel surfaces may require primer systems

* Wood

* Fiberglass

* Concrete

* Masonry